We are an all-day hangout where co-creation happens, inspired by our amigos, fueled by the three things that keep us alive: food + art + play

Yesterdazed. Cantar. Zampar. Petarla. Pillar el puntillo (o los tres). An Adult playground. Clothing optional. Greasy fingers & dirty knees. Stay fueled. Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing. Welcome to the jungle.

Burgers & Dogs

Jungle Room Grills start cooking up greasy magic from 19h EVERY night ALL night. Heart attack food at it’s best.

Karaoke Room

Strain your vocal cords & ur friends ears! Karaoke doors are open to all on Thursday Nights! Clubhaus Amigos can book the Karaoke room, filled with up to 8 friends (or strangers) any other day.

Bruce Room

Clubhaus Amigos get all-you-can-paddle Ping Pong Privileges for gratis. Our Bruce Lee Challenge: Nunchuck your way through a game & get a free entrance to the Galaxy.